Bob O’Shea On The Issues

Controlling & Lowering Taxes

Taxes are too high in Maryland - and we certainly do not need any tax increases. We must control the growth of state government and demand full value for every dollar we spend. I will never vote for a tax increase. And, I support totally eliminating taxes on military pensions.

Growing Our Economy

We have so many resources in Maryland…opportunity abounds!  We need to continue eliminating the job killing regulations of the O’Malley years and let the world know that Maryland is open for business.

Making Our Streets Safer

This means getting a handle on the opioid and heroin crisis in our state and imposing stricter penalties on drug traffickers. This means putting an end to gang violence, enforcing our immigration laws and never permitting sanctuary cities.

Providing The Best Education For Children

The best gift we can give our children is a great education. That means setting priorities, such as making sure monies go directly to the classroom instead of being wasted on an endless bureaucracy.  And, it means keeping drugs, gang activity and violence out of our schools.


The cost of health care is out of control.  We must consider increasing competition and expanding the boundaries that companies are able to do business in.  Healthcare must be affordable for all families and businesses.